What A Difference A Year Makes!

Leave it to Facebook to remind me that a year ago it was 40 BELOW. That’s is flipping cold!!! Today was -10 and felt okay. I actually went to the post office with rolled up jeans and my xtratufs. That is life up here. Similar to my mom who lives in Arizona.. In the summer she just needs to get from the car to the store and back to her vehicle. Same thing around here in the winter time. I ran errands and you leave your car running. 1 set of keys in the ignition and the other in my pocket so I can “click click” and lock the car when I get out while it’s still running. The 1st time I did this I was a nervous wreck; now it’s a way of life! A few other interior Alaska tidbits. No natural gas. How do we heat our home? Heating fuel, that’s how. First we had fuel delivered and its a no-brainer but expensive. Now we haul our own heating fuel. Randy built a tank to sit in the truck and we pump to tanks in a holding shed. We are in control and self sufficient. Generator as a back up. Feels good to be in control. Last year we waited for fuel to be delivered and get a huge bill.

We have been making progress each day on Dream Box of Alaska and it is VERY exciting! I cannot imagine our look back on 2021 next year! Life is good!

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