Corporate Gift Boxes

Are you tired of sending boxed pears or the chocolate tower?

Why not send a specialty box from

Dream Box of Alaska?

We can personalize to your liking, industry or the client.

Let us make this easy for you!

You Have options

Create Interest in Alaska

Do you have an Alaskan business and would like to send a thank you gift to your clients? Would you like to send a gift to remind your clients in the Lower 48 that your business is open? Christmas Gifts? Birthday or Anniversary Gifts? Do you have a tourism business that was affected in 2020? Nothing says “We Want You Back” than sending a Dream Box of Alaska. Remind them what they are missing!

Include Your Companies Business Card and Swag

We would be happy to include your business cards or swag in the Dream Box of Alaska. All you need to do is send us your products and cards and we can include with the other Alaskan products. All products we include are Made in Alaska.

Please Contact Us To Order Your Corporate Gifts. Complete the Contact Us Below.


Email is:

Unique Products

Buy The Bear! All products included are Made in Alaska. We can theme your box or send the Alaskan sample box. We strive to include a home item, personal item, snacks and/or coffee, art, cards, stickers, etc. The ideas are endless. We can customize your box to your client. Want all coffee and snacks? Want all ladies products? All products catered to men? Or for Children?

Give Us Your Budget and Client List

We are here to make it easy on you. Give us your Budget and Client List and we can take it from there. Give us ideas on what you are thinking or tell us to just “go for it”.

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