The Small Print

Our Mission is to share Alaska with you. Dream Box of Alaska wants to provide good quality and unique Alaskan products for you to want to visit and/or return. In addition, we aim to highlight local, small businesses that are the epitome of the Alaskan life.

Product Are Unique

Because our products are handmade and produced by local Alaskans each item is unique. We aim to provide like items in each box but because not all small business and artisans can provide the same product we may share “like items” across our boxes. All products are the same value although one may have 1 design and another box may have another design. Or, beads may not be identical. Knots on wood cannot be the same (obviously!). Keep in mind that the products are as unique as the people. We are all individual and have our own personality.

Small Print

All purchases are final. While we understand that the Alaskan life is not for everyone, we want to show the lifestyle in our boxes. We are hearty individuals. We enjoy products made of all parts of animals. We live with big game. We enjoy a “free” lifestyle. There is a reason that we are the largest state with the smallest population. Please let us share the real Alaska with you. Should it not be your forte, please share with others who may enjoy.

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